A Big JUMP! Thanks to all our Donors

We are awed and so grateful to all of our individual supporters that are helping us on this journey. Thank You!

as of September 30th, 2019

NOTE: If you do not see your name listed here, we will be updating every few weeks. Please contact us if we have missed you or misspelled your name.


Anonymous - A local couple has gifted the most generous donation to date, and hopes that this will be matched and allow us to apply for other grants that require we have more funding before applying. We are incredibly awed and grateful for this donation. We hope to honor them publicly at groundbreaking of the playground. Thank you so much!

PLATINUM Builders $5000+

Earll & Rena Murman

GOLD Builders $2000 - $4999

Frania & Mark Berlin

Jennifer Carl

Lorber Foundation

SILVER Builders $500 - $1999

Libby Atkins & Martha Trolin

Peter Bonyun & Beth Lorber

Thomas & Nancy Chebuhar

Barcy Fisher

Paul Grossman

Sarah Grossman

Beth Hanson

Sue Hoover

Kelly Matlock & Martin Hahn

Eveleen Muelethaler & Karmen Meier

Karen Newman & Vicki Young

Kerry O’Connell

Dale Spears

Marti Tarnowski

BRONZE Builders $200 - $499

Tina Anderson

Martha Ashenfelter

Leah Brown

Steven Butterfield & Sarah Schmidt

Marcia Coleman

Bruce Cowan & Debra Pederson

Sarah Heiner & Carl Berger

Lyle Haugland

Dimitri Kuznetsov

Kevin & Robin Ledversis

Kate Lund

Yvonne Starkey

Shari Stroup

Building Blocks $1 - $199

Kay Adamson

Henry Amick

Bobbie Butler

Suzette Calleja

Joanna Camp

Maribeth Cannavaro

Betsy Clapp

Cathy Cowan

Mary Craft

Karen Crouse

Sheila Dailey

Thomas Dailey

Kate Dean

Karen DeLorenzo

Mara Dotson

Owen & Sarah Fairbank

Norah Fallat

Susan Fallat

Terence Fleisher & Sharon Yeh

Gary Forbes

Joan Gitelman

Barb Glen

Wendy Grossman

Diane Haas

Philip & Mary Harris

Amie Haskins

Miranda Haskins

Cindy Haugland

Charles Hobson

Lisa Hoffman & Jay Simerka

Katherine “Q” Holmes

Natalie Irwin

Craig Isenberg

Martin & Patricia Ivers

Morgan Knoche

Janelle Krohn

Philippa Lance

Teresa Lawson

Frances Loubere

Annette Lund

Maulee Mactus

Susan Marett

Patty Marquis

Bonnie Masi

Kathleen McCoy

Lisa McKenzie

Peggy McNulty

Sarah McNulty

Cirtus Miller

Nancy Miller

Donna Moore

Stephanie Morrell

Sarah Muirhead

Pamela Murphy

Thomas & Honey Nieman

Kara O’Connell

Janet Palmer

Geoff & Betsy Pentz

Robert Pontius

Lynda Powell

Nora Regan

Dennis & Suzanne Reynolds

Seth Rolland

Phil Rowe

Sarah Rubenstein

Greta Schmidt

Margaret Schonfield

Symbolin Sebastian

Caroline Seibert

Charlene Sherwood

Clayton & Delia Smith

Brandie Smith

Gary Smith

Mary Smith

Wallace Smith

Peggy Smith-Venturi

Kate Storey

David Thielk & Yuko Umeda

Deb Trent

Adrian Van Batenburg

Barbara Walker

Rachel Williams

Randi Winter & Lindsay Pattin