New Handicap Parking Spots & Accessible Path to Proposed Playground and Rock Climbing Structures


Our proposed playground will be Jefferson County's first fully accessible and inclusive playground, designed to provide play opportunities for all children regardless of ability. The playground will be situated at the northern end of HJ Carroll Park, adjacent to the  basketball  court and parking area. The playground will link up with a proposed Rock Climbing park to be  donated by the Mike Beery Memorial Children’s Fund.

Project Design

The  project  design  goes  beyond  the  minimum  accessibility standards to create a play environment that includes everyone and challenges them at their individual level. Inclusive playgrounds are not just for children  with  physical mobility impairments. They are designed  for children with all abilities and varying impairments to engage in play on various levels and with different sensory experiences available to them.

Check out our most recent design mockups for the new park!

JUMP HJ Caroll Park Chimacum WA Option 3 (Adam 2019) Poster 1.jpg
JUMP HJ Caroll Park Chimacum WA 3 (Adam 2019) Poster.jpg

Playground components include:

Rope Climbing Structure

Rope climbers allow children the engagement of large muscle groups, coordination and balance with space for multiple children to play together.



A  variety  of  slides  that  keep  kids challenged  both  physical and mentally



Fully supportive swings with an Expression Swing that allows parents to swing with their child while facing them.

Expression Swing   that allows parents to swing with their child while facing them.
kids disc swing.png

Disc swing allowing multiple kids to swing together encouraging interactive play with easy transfer from a wheelchair or walker


A fast, fun and exciting freestanding play activity for children of all abilities. The high back molded sensory seat with handles and front pommel design helps children maintain a neutral body position while spinning.

Spinner Seat gametime.jpg

This merry go round allows children in wheelchairs to roll right in and has seats for others so all can enjoy in twirling fun.

Playground signage utilizing a combination of pictures, symbols and words to aid in non-verbal communication.

Latex-free, recycled rubber tiles were selected for the safety surfacing to maximize wheelchair maneuverability and for its antiseptic properties. All of our products are latex-free so that children and adults with latex allergies can happily play.

Ramps and deck structure with guardrails allowing individuals in wheelchairs access to a variety of elevated play components including several slides at various heights.

Play panels and at-grade activities are available so anyone can reach them. Transfer stations with ramps that reach all elevated play activities are part of this design.